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Samba X 2.2.2

SSP is NOT compatible with Panther

Development of SSP has stopped since I spent all my time on VLC media player development. If you are interested in taking over, be my guest mail me with you sourceforge account.

What is it:
Samba is a unix type server which shares files in the CIFS/SMB format. This is the standard sharing protocol used by Windows. By sharing your files with Samba they can be accessed by Windows or other unix-like computers in your network. In other words: Share your files in a Windows network!!!

Samba X is no more than Samba, but wrapped in an easy to use intaller package. You only need to doubleclick and you are up and running. The current release is based on Samba 2.2.2.

It does not provide features as netatalk, profile storing and smbwrappers. If you are looking for such functions you will need to compile it yourself. It's pretty easy. I have made a How-To just in case.

Samba X does not support the mounting of SMB-shares. Luckily OS X 10.1 does. Alternativly you could use Sharity from Objective Development or DAVE from Thursby Inc.
For more information read the accompanining README file and for info concerning Samba, visit the samba website. You can contact me at hartman@mac.com.

Download Samba X 2.2.2:
This package is not compatible with OSX Server. I'm working on it though.
Download from sourceforge HTTP

This download is 5.6 Mb.

Known bugs:
  • There seem to be some problems with certain characters. Filenames with out of the ordinary characters might experience problems especially during uploading. I have heard about a fix for this, but it is not yet included.
  • DHCP (and other networks) problem with hostname. In some cases there is a problem with the hostname not being passed trough correctly to the Darwin layer. To solve this, edit your /etc/hostconfig file and replace HOSTNAME=-AUTOMATIC- with HOSTNAME=your hostname. This solves many different types of problems for many users. I hope Apple fixes this soon.
  • If you are having difficulties logging into your server then add the username to the smbpasswd file as descriped at the bottom of this site.
  • Don't use spaces or special charaters in sharenames. Don't use netbios names longer than 15 characters. This prevents problems with many clients. These are bugs in the clients, the server can handle it though.

To Do:
  • Fix the problem where users are already using 901 for something other than SWAT.

Version History:
  • - 2.2.2: MacOSX 10.1 approved.
    - We use Samba 2.2.2 now, which has several bugfixes.
    - Fixed a small bug in the StartupParameters file that might be responsible for the problems with servers not starting up. It might also solve the problems with people having to set their hostname.
    - We preserve the smbpasswd file when you upgrade.
  • - 2.2.1a: MacOSX 10.0.4 approved.
    - Switched to Samba 2.2.1a. This fixes the smbclient uploading of dirs problem.
  • - 2.1: MacOSX 10.0.2 approved.
    - Fixed a small bug in the StartupScript that prevented some users to start the servers at boot time. Fixed thanks to Robert Calhoun.
    - Improved the upgrading script. Stopping the servers manually should not be necessary anymore.
    - Fixed the removal script. Both of the last mentioned points where fixed by Raleigh Ledet.
  • 2.0: MacOSX 10.0.1 approved. Switched to Samba 2.2.0. Improved upgrade capabilities.
  • 1.5: MacOSX 10.0 update. Added remove script and hopefully upgrade capabilities.
  • 1.0: MacOSX Public Beta release. First release to be an Installer package. Before this only testing and Command line scripts.

Smbpasswd (allow users to log in):
If you want to log into your shares as a specific user and not as a guest, then you will need to add this user to the smbpasswd file first. You do this by issuing the following command in the Terminal:
sudo smbpasswd -a username
Then first type your own administrator passwd. Then type the passwd you would like the user to use to login to the shares, and then retype this password. The user can now use Samba. I will add smbpasswd options to SSCT soon, so this will be easier in the future.
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