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SSP is NOT compatible with Panther

Development of SSP has stopped since I spent all my time on VLC media player development. If you are interested in taking over, be my guest mail me with you sourceforge account.

Xamba Network Integration Project

This project focuses on the integration between Macs and SMB/CIFS networks. The primary goal will be to get a complete port of the Samba package to Mac OS X. Besides that we will try to create tools to uses these services. This site and our project at Souceforge should gather developers and users to create these.

Samba X:
A port of the Samba code to MacOS X, wrapped in a nice and easy to use installer package. This will allow you to share your files within a network, so Windows users can access them from their Network Neighbourhood.
A package with Samba X, a preference pane and Samba Server Config Tool, which will alllow you to easily setup and control a Samba-server, from which Windows users can download.
An application that allows you to access files shared with the SMB/CIFS protocol.
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