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So you cannot figure it out on your own, you need help? I'm not surprised. Even I barely understand most of it. If only Microsoft hadn't made such a mess of it, and made it an open standard.

Check this:
Before you start screaming for help, first look at this.
In many cases it helps if you set your hostname. This goes especially for DHCP users. To do this edit your /etc/hostconfig file and replace HOSTNAME=-AUTOMATIC- with HOSTNAME=your hostname. This solves many different types of problems for many users. I hope Apple fixes this soon.
Did you set your workgroup and computername? Remember a computername needs to be unique on the network. To set these, edit your /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf file or use SWAT.
Have your defined yet which files you want to share? You need to do this, to be visible in a network. To setup a share, edit your /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf file or use SWAT.
Cannot edit SWAT:
You are unable to make use of SWAT? Well you should log into SWAT as the root user. Of course the root user will have to be activated first. Read the ReadMe file on how to do so.
Visit our forums. A lot of people there are willing to help. But first gather some data.
Are you using DHCP or have your own hostname?
Check with the use of the ProcessViewer if the processes nmbd and smbd are running.
Can you login to SWAT?
Does typing 'smbclient --help' into the Terminal return anyting to you?
Previous Intalls:
Have you ever installed a version of Samba before? Either a package one or you installed from the source?

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