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Check out this wonderful artical about setting up Samba on MacOS X server as a PDC. The same can be done with SSP of course, but it will require you to be a bit creative with the directions given at that site.

This has nothing to do with Samba, but is used in many networks to sync passwords on multiple machines etc.

Marcel Bresink has written a detailed manual on how to integrate Mac OS X as a client into a NIS environment. If I'm correct than Mac OS X Server will be able to act as a NIS Server.

SMB Browser:
This is a wonderful new product that will allow you to make more elegant use of the SMB client apple built in. It provides a networkneighborhood similiar to the one on Windows, so you don't need to type in that hard to remember and hard to figure out smb:// address.

Get all the latest info about SMB Browse here.
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