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This Application is not really necesarry anymore. In MacOS X 10.1 Apple introduced a SMB client. It is a bit hard to use, so I suggest you also check out SMB Browse. It is an application that will simplify the use of Apple's SMB client.

I will no longer continue to work on this project. I actually did have a new version I was working on. I passed the sourcecode over to Gordon M. Shukwit, the developer of the above mentioned SMB Browser.

You can contact me at hartman@mac.com

What is it:
Xamba will be an application to access files shared with the SMB/CIFS protocol. In the feature it is meant to be very much like an FTP-application, but for another protocol. This is still very experimental and for many ppl not really usefull.
Download Xamba:
This is the code of version 1.0b3 of my GUI client for Samba.
You can decompress it with Aladdin Stuffit Expander.

What's new:
  • New name.
  • Labeled fields.
  • Cocoafied.

Explanation on interface elements:
  • The name field is for your username. Leave blank if you do not need one to access the server.
  • The passwd field is for your password. Leave blank if you do not need one to access the server.
  • The address (url) field.
    To get a file, use this form:
    \\Server\Share\Directory\Another directory\file
    If you want to list or get a directory make sure the address ends with a backslash. Use this form:
    \\Server\Share\Directory\Another directory\
  • The textarea displays the output of the actions.
  • The Status button shows information on your own server in the output window.
  • The Kill button kicks the user with the pid which has been entered in the textfield above the button. To find out the pid of a connected user use the status button. This function only works if you are running the program as root.
    Caution: You can kill any process with this function, so be carefull to enter the correct pid.

Todo list:
  • Redo the GUI part. Make it more like an FTP application
  • Parse the output to make nice clickable lists and catch and display errors.
  • Let you put files and directories on servers.
  • Making it possible to change the Download location.
  • Adding support for other options of smb. Like creating folders, deleting folders and files, Tar'ing, etc.
  • Making the kill work with non root users, if they can give the root passwd that is.
  • Make it possible to restart the samba deamons etc.

And probably in that order.

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